How to trim and prune a website

The goal of this project was to make a simple yet effective contact form.
Maple Tree Service already established steady stream of leads and referrals, and the only concern is their website that look outdated and abandoned.
Building trust is crucial in tree service business, since market is saturated with unlicensed and unprofessional companies.


Starting point was understanding customer journey and sales process.
I conducted interviews with managers and sales team that gave me insights about buying patterns and customer concerns.
Competitive research was done in order to identify patterns in customer satisfaction and complaints, as a foundation for the most effective copy.

Design considerations

The website header consist of company logo and CTA button with the phone number.
Hero section is playing video of actual team at work, in order to build trust and lower uncertainty who is going to be entering customers property.
List of services does not have any descriptions and filler text found on most of the competitors websites. This helps with clarity.
Under services , we addressed the most common concerns based on initial research.
Contact form have photo of actual people that will get in touch with you.